If half of adults over 50 are doing it, let’s learn more about accessible design.

Downsizing is referred to moving to a smaller place of residence-often it means house to apartment. It often means shedding possessions beyond furniture and creating a capsule wardrobe for instance. My experience with downsizing has been that its a positive change and one that can be very high on style. Done properly it can also mean reusing a lot of what is coming from the larger residence within reason. As a professional designer I need to make sure that the design is accessible for potential aging in place.

Case in point-my two time downsizing client who sold a large home in favor of a townhome in the same neighborhood. There were certainly pieces that went to storage, an adult daughter, and an estate sale. However we mostly used what was from the original home albeit in different ways and with often a fresh coat of paint or fabric. Several years later, a downsize was again called for, and this time, the shift was made to a penthouse apartment in urban Jersey City , Hudson County NJ.

Aging in Place Specialists
Accessible Design

Additional items went to storage-however this time all we invested in were track mounted draperies throughout. The dining room chandelier that was once viewed in passing or on special holidays became the focal point of the primary bedroom. A custom rug that had been made for the original house was cleaned and cut down to also grace this primary bedroom.

What I also enjoyed tremendously was seeing some traditional antiques shine in the very modern style of a Jersey City penthouse. Here, precious items entered the everyday living space versus inhabiting the “special occasion” rooms. Since downsizing will likely mean less rooms, this is the perfect chance to walk by these treasures daily. Common phrases I hear to describe the downsized lifestyle are “refocused priorities”, “living like we are on vacation”, and “loving my hotel style life”. Couldn’t we all use some more of this?

Making the investment in professional interior design services before making a major lifestyle change can get you there and help avoid costly mistakes in the process.