Market time

Fall might be your time to enjoy some pumpkin spice and rake leaves; for many designers it signals shopping, sourcing, and getting inspired at High Point Market. This week I will depart for High Point, NC with shopping lists, ready to hit the ground running. Whether it's furniture or rugs, vintage or new; textiles, accessories, lighting or artwork, it all is for the finding here.



Revisting a custom kitchen

10 Years! CRID has been providing custom design and sourcing for your interior projects for 10 a glance back is timely to see how things have evolved and also stayed the same. This was editorial featured in NJ Monthly November 2013. This full renovation included a mud room, powder room, pantry storage and sports equipment staging room. As always trusted vendors were crucial to completing this-over the years these relationships build and allow me to offer only the best. The kitchen features beams original to the house, custom cabinetry featuring antique doors at the pantry, and the finest concrete products available for the counters and backsplash. As with all of my projects, important items sourced or collected by the client are prominently displayed. 

Thank you for 10 years and looking forward to many more opportunities for designing for you with your priorities at the fore.



It's the time again...

Yes it's time for Mansion in May! The 2017 setting for MIM is The Abbey, Alnwick Hall, in Morristown, NJ. My space will be a departure from my 2014 space, which featured mod elements and bold colors.  "The Son's Room at the Abbey" will be a traditional space re-imagined for a young man of today- with lots of Americana & nods to those iconic American tastemakers.

Please consider visiting and checking out space 24 between May 1 and 31!!

Summer breeze....

It's been a whirlwind few months moving my own home base and prepping homes for my clients.

What a joy to work with clients and help them realize their home goals. Check out the many progress photos that I have added recently-its been a busy time!

Subway-don't mind if I do

I guess you could say I love subway tile. These are a just a few showers in recent memory that showcase the classic look. More currently I am having fun with the narrower sizes and stacked installations that take a fresh spin on the tried and true.


 Classic white with gray grout and brushed nickel fittings.

Classic white with gray grout and brushed nickel fittings.

 Tub/shower in gorgeous taupe with crown detail.

Tub/shower in gorgeous taupe with crown detail.

 Marble 3x6 subway with bevel edges, polished chrome fittings

Marble 3x6 subway with bevel edges, polished chrome fittings

 2x6 white gloss with marble hex on the floor; satin brass fittings.

2x6 white gloss with marble hex on the floor; satin brass fittings.

New bedroom images

Bedrooms are a big deal! I am asked all the time about the best beds, the best color schemes for a master bedroom, etc etc. A few features here that I love to work with over and over again: a tray ceiling to highlight a chandelier, blackout lined window treatments, an upholstered bed layered with pillows, and a vintage element thrown in.



Came across this image from about 6 years ago, from a job I worked on with a fellow designer. Although trends come and go this is a good example of letting the architecture dictate the design and creating a timeless traditional space.


Beach Project

It seems appropriate for the weather we are having to start dreaming about warmth and sun. So I will be starting to pull design elements for a new project at the beach, which calls for retro modern details, lots of texture and lots of casual spots for kids to relax. First up is to create the white kitchen, based on this lovely concept. I LOVE the woven shades, the color commitment, and the simplicity of the cabinets.